The role of Jewish women in economic activity in Egypt during the 5th century AH/11AD


  • Amal Adnan Ahmed General Directorate of Education in Babylon


the role of Jewish women, economic activity, Egypt


The Jewish community and those in charge of it were keen to educate Jewish girls, even though that education was limited to the teachings of Jewish law, and to learn some craft skills that the Jewish girl had learned from her mother or through Jewish women with experience in a particular field, and that education or transfer of expertise from one generation to the next. Another had allowed the Jewish woman to participate in economic activity, inside and outside her home, to secure the financial income that covered her expenses, and she was also the breadwinner for her family. Some of the professions that the Jewish woman practiced were limited to women, and some of them required her to leave the home, and some of the professions she practiced in her home and since at an early age, in both cases the Jewish woman had a role in society as an active and productive element, and she also had some financial independence in that era.



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